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Which is the best open source ERP to implement, modify, adapt, and extend the functionalities of the MRP for a manufacturing company?

I am looking for an open source ERP that has the MRP module mature enough to take it as a base and adapt it if necessary, be it from configuration to code modifications assigned to the development ...
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What are the best free tools to make wireframes of a website? [duplicate]

Well I have used pencil but its basically for making mockups for mobile applications. Could you please suggest free tools/websites to make wireframe for websites ?
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typesetting program for old jewish books

Does anyone know of a free typesetting program that can use I can to do layouts of old Jewish books? I.e. a page of the Talmud like this (tractate shabbat 3a): Shabbat 3a (click image for larger ...
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FTGL alternative

I need to display TrueType fonts in OpenGL, in a C program. This needs to work on fairly old hardware, so something using the old fixed function pipeline rather than making heavy use of shaders would ...
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