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Questions tagged [floor-plan]

Software that assists in the creation or design of floor plans. Plans for seating layouts, room configurations or similar.

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Drag and drop JavaScript library for restaurant layout

I need recommendation for a JavaScript library. I have to build an interactive restaurant/saloon with tables, zoom out, zoom in (as in google maps) and so on. I'm more of a "logical" programmer with ...
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npm / react library for displaying a floorplan image with custom Components (raster/bitmap)

I need to create a component that will let the user upload an image (non-vector) of their facility's floor plan/s and have the user add where different devices are on the floorplan (so technicians can ...
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Assign photos to location on building floorplan

Whenever I go out on building surveys for work, I take a ton of pictures. I would like to be able to take a picture of the building floorplan and assign the pictures to a location where they were ...
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Is there an online floor planner that recommends layouts for a house for all rooms?

I found a few floor / room planners online already that recommends room layouts based on function (eg bathroom, kitchen etc.), but is there a planner where I give the basic house dimension, eg 20m * ...
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Blueprint Analysis for paint, software recommendations

I am currently working at a retail paint store (21 years). One of the services I provide is figuring blueprints for various customers that don't know how to or do not have time. I do not charge for ...
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