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for flight simulation programs

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Space Travel Generator

I'm looking for software with a 3D galaxy / universe that will automatically choose interesting features in space and fly to them for you. It will keep flying to different objects until you stop the ...
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Motor failure detection and compensation in quadcopter

I need to perform some analysis on motor failure detection and compensation in quadcopter. I have been using PX4+Gazebo for 3 months and recently found that it does not include motor failure detection ...
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Glider (sailplane) simulator app for macOS

What options do I have for a realistic flight simulator focused specifically on glider planes (sailplane)? Must run on macOS (Mac OS X), on common/low-end Mac laptops of recent years such as the ...
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Offline flight simulator for Android phone

Is there a flight simulator that works offline (does not need internet in order to function)? Including take-off, landing and missile evasion missions. (The missile evasion mission is optional.) It ...
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Radio controlled plane flight simulator

I am looking to learn to fly my radio controlled plane with a six-channel controller. I would like software that allows me to practice before I try flying for real. Lower cost is of course better, ...
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