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Flashcard software for memorization aid

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read a text in two languages

I am looking for software that can read a text in two languages. The language teacher shares lesson vocabulary in form of semi-structured pdf files. I tried to copy and paste to, (free trial ...
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Recommendations for CLI-based Anki-alternatives?

I need free software, that I can use from my terminal, for learning vocabulary in French and for memorizing famous quotations in English. The closest that I've found is VocabCLI, but it is not exactly ...
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Simple flash card app satisfying certain criteria

I am looking for simple flash card app to memorise words of another language I am learning that would be open-sourced (I don't mind a closed-source app unless they feed you with pesky ads; I don't ...
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Flashcard app with REST API

Is there a Flashcard app that comes with a REST API to programmatically add cards or quickly add key-value entries through email?
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Android app to scan and fix SD card (no root)

Is there an app for Android which early diagnoses (bonus point: also fixes) any problems with flashcard storage media, especially damaged/undreadable files (similarly to CHKDSK.EXE)? Android 9 or ...
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Flash Card App that allows data tree linking between cards?

I'm currently studying Japanese Kanji: I've taken a large list of kanji (2300) and arranged them all into smaller groups with about 4 kanji on average per group, based on their similar looks etc. (...
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Note-taking app with flashcards (or with Anki export)

I'm using OneNote to take notes and Anki to remember information. I'm spending a lot of time to transfer OneNote notes to Anki and sometimes it's hard to remember if I've already transferred ...
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Alternative to Anki (flashcard app)

I use Anki to write my diary. From Wikipedia: Anki is a free and open-source flashcard program that utilizes spaced repetition. Spaced repetition has been shown to increase rate of memorization. "...
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Multiple-choice, spaced-repetition flashcards for Android

I'm looking for a flashcard testing / learning app for Android with the following features: Supports multiple-choice questions and randomizes the order of the answers when it presents the card. Uses ...
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FlashCards for Android and Web

I search a FlashCard application and online service. Required Features: learning cards with android app, even if offline adding cards with android app, even if offline web page where I can learn ...
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Suggestions for an app to help me memorize a large amount of information which I'll need to know for my exams

I am preparing for competitive examinations where I have to cram up a lot of data. Dates, events, who's who, technical terms, etc. So its necessary for me to keep revising them in a planned manner. ...
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iOS and Web-app for flashcard/testing

I am looking for a flashcard/tester app for iOS, and the web. I'm going to use it for learning languages, but it could be used for anything. It basically needs to take in 2 things, for example, ...
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Simple free tool to back up my SD card with my PC

So I have my Galaxy S4 with 64 GB SD card. Every once in a while I backup my SD card data simply by copy & paste it to a new directory in my PC. So I have my SD_BACKUP root directory that ...
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White label solution for ecards

I am looking in for white label software for ecards for our site. Should support mobile and tablet. Any recommendations is welcome. I can see few website provide ecards as a service. Any ...
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Anki plugin to transform folder of images into deck of picture + picture filename

I have a folder with 1000 images of dishes: ratatouille.jpg is an image of ratatouille mori soba.jpg is an image of mori soba etc I want to make an Anki flashcards deck to memorize all the names of ...
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Converting Big List of Questions in TeX into Single Question View

I have questions in this format in tex files Systemic venous congestion caused by \begin{enumerate}[(a)] \item heart problems, \item thrombosis of the portal vein, \item la la la lorem \end{enumerate}...
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Cross-platform flashcard software with synchronization

I have noticed I learn efficiently with flashcards. The basic learning process: Software shows question (e.g "Flag of Finland?") User tries to remember the answer ("It's blue with white cross"). This ...
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