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Any piece of advice for audio streaming (on demand) stack, commercial, free and open source?

I could not see (m)any of free, open source, available for commercial projects, stack, from back end to front end, for flac audio streaming (not radio, but audio on demand). To start with, is SQL ...
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Free FLAC to MP3 batch converter for MacOS

I need to convert approximately 15000 FLAC files to MP3 as a one time job. It is a large audio archive containing 50 years worth of interviews, talks-shows, radio-speeches and monologues belonging to ...
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What's the absolutely lightest app to burn audio CD from FLAC files for Windows?

Could somebody recommend absolutely lightest app to burn audio CD from FLAC files for Windows 10?
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Open Source Music Player able to play whole-album FLAC with cue

Is there an open source media player (that runs on Linux) that can play a whole-album FLAC presented as multiple tracks rather than one track ? There are many players (I usually use VLC and Audacious)...
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Automating the conversion of FLAC to MP3

I have a collection of folders, some of which contain .flac files while others contain .mp3 files. I need everything to be in .mp3, but I don't exactly want to go through hundreds of folders in ...
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wxMP3gain equivalent for FLAC files

I need an easy-to-use program that supports lossless volume normalization for FLAC files. I'm aware of programs like MP3gain and wxMP3gain, but these—surprise, surprise—only support MP3 ...
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Linux command-line .flac tag editor

I need a Linux bash program that will enable me to type a command that will edit the tags of a .flac file. I've learned so far how to use id3v2 and eyeD3 but I've found them to not be fully compatible ...
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Media server that supports FLAC files with tags

I recently bought a Raumfeld audio streaming system and I am now looking for a media server to store my collection using the FLAC format. My first idea was to use my Fritz Box 7390 router as media ...
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Batch audio converter for Linux that can convert from FLAC to AAC

I tried a few audio converters but they were very limited. For example I can't find one that converts to AAC 512kbps (from FLAC). Does anyone know of a powerful Linux audio converter? As powerful as ...
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