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Is there a GUI based editor for master boot records (MBR)

Is there a GUI based editor (or educational software, or informative webpage - I don' really want to edit anything here) that can create a hexdump of a master boot record, and then label (like a map) ...
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Firmware for Amazon Echo Dot

I received an Echo Dot v3 as the prize of a programming competition, unfortunately it cannot do anything without a permanent Internet connection (I use tethering and I only have Wi-Fi when my laptop ...
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Firmware over the air (FOTA)

I am looking for an open-source (my target is MIPS, so I will probably have to recompile) Linux implementation of FOTA . Whenever I change the application which is running remotely on a bunch of small ...
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View .crc code un-jumbled

Hi I have a firmware file which gets loaded onto video devices. The file is updated every year but there is a bug in this specific version. So I would like to take a look at the code myself. The ...
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How to flash a cable modem with custom firmware?

I'm looking into getting my own cable modem for use with Comcast and would like to load it with custom firmware. Is there a modem equivalent of DD-WRT? I've heard of something called Haxorware, but ...
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Firmware for T.V56.03 display controller board with tsumv56ruu-z1 chipset to be used with LP173WF1(TL)(B3)

I am searching for a proper firmware for days already. I recently got my T.V56.03 display controller board with a tsumv56ruu-z1 chipset and I want to use my LP173WF1(TL)(B3) display with it. As the ...
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Open source firmware for Internet modem ZTE ZXV10 W300

I've been playing around with my own router and found DD-WRT as an open source firmware alternative for this kind of device but I can't find something equivalent for modems. Can you recommend ...
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Open-source replacement firmware for an old feature phone (LG Cosmos 2)

For several reasons, I still use a feature phone - specifically, the LG Cosmos 2. Unfortunately, the interface is horrible. I mean, really horrible. If I receive a text message while in the middle ...
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