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6 votes
3 answers

User friendly firewall for Windows 10 to filter/block outgoing traffic?

I'm looking for a simple, user friendly firewall for Windows 10 that enables the user to explicitly allow or block outgoing traffic per application. Or in some cases, only allow an application to ...
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0 votes
0 answers

No-root Android Firewall with Ad Blocker (KitKat compatible)

I'm looking for an Android app with the following features: Does not require root Acts a firewall (can use VPN) Acts as a global ad-blocker, preferably with user-defined lists (similar to AdAway, but ...
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0 votes
2 answers

Non subscription based firewalls

Looking for a one-time purchase, or free Firewall application to run on Windows 10. Requested Features Able to monitor active connections, providing both Source and Destination IP Address; Allow me ...
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