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Best tool for REST API generation when using Svelte & TypeScript with Firebase

It seems unproductive that I have to write REST backends for virtually every collection in my Firestore DB. I figured, this must be a solved problem and there has to be an existing solution which ...
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What database should I use for a location tracking android application?

So I want to develop an online mobile application using android studio and java. A client mobile application that will send its location to the admin mobile application, so it will be using GPS. what ...
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1 answer

Which IDE works best for coding firebase cloud functions?

Problem: I currently use Sublime and hate working in Visual Studios. Background: I use Android Studios to work on my Flutter app and love it so much, but it doesn't really work for Cloud Functions ...
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Generate schema diagram for Firebase

I have been using MySql for a few decades now and have just inherited a code base which uses FireBase, of which I have zero previous experience. My first thought is to look at the database schema, to ...
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