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0 votes
1 answer

Any software that can be used to easily add comments to any folder and file within Windows File explorer?

Is there any software that can be used to add comments to any folder and file type within the Windows file explorer? Using the built in functionality of Windows, very few of my file types seem to ...
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1 answer

Template engine / tool that can template out whole directory trees

What I'm looking for I'm looking for a text templating engine (think e.g. Jinja2, Mako, or Liquid) or a higher-level library/tool making use of such an engine that supports templating on the level of ...
2 votes
1 answer

Software to compare two folders recursively

I am going to reorganise a lot of files and I do not want any files to go missing. I am using Windows. Is there a way I can compare two folders recursively? For example, folder 1 MyFiles/ ├─ ...
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0 answers

Client HTTP Java

I am searching for an HTTP java client optimized for downloading and uploading files. We do a lot of download and upload of files (more 10 Go by days / 10000 files by day). Is there some client which ...
0 votes
2 answers

Is there a Linux tool for creating a DataURI of a given file?

How can I easily obtain the DataURI of a file in a terminal-based environment? The tool should be installable via apt-get and feature simple syntax. Could you suggest some suitable options? Thank you ...
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1 answer

Clipboard file sync without full remote

I would like to have something like the clipboard file sync in AnyDesk and Teamviewer but without all the rest of the features like remote desktop, etc. Something that i can keep running in the ...
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0 answers

Software to randomly mix and randomly rename files on a scammer's computer

I am an incipient scambaiter learning how to get control of a scammer's computer during their connection to mine (a virtual machine of course). There are well known scambaiters that then copy the ...
1 vote
0 answers

MS-DOS command/file manager to show file size in MB instead of bytes

The DIR command, and many MS-DOS file managers I've tried show all file sizes in bytes only: Even the Windows 3.1 file manager only shows bytes. I'm looking for something that will show file sizes in ...