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Android FTP server app that preserves original date modified of files and folders?

Most FTP server apps on the google play store don't preserve the date modified of folders and files but I want to preserve them with FTP. I've tried: Wifi FTP server (
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Linking phones to computer for photos

I work in an industry where the employees are continually taking photos of vehicles (25+ photos per vehicle) every day. We currently use a memory card system where we remove the memory card out of the ...
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Free file-sharing site with clean download with just a simple link

Is there any free file-sharing site that lets users upload a file that allows direct downloads of the files uploaded just with a simple link? I know that a similar question has been asked (like A web ...
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Collaboration on images and documents between windows and android

Where I work now cooperation between sales and manufacturing departments proceeds using tons of paper. Every sale order (making custom furniture) managers in sales dep print on 2-5 a4 papers. Idk why ...
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Cross-platform file sharing

File sharing software with the following characteristics: Works on most platforms Lossless media sharing May require internet connection, but only to discover devices Fast transfer speeds No GPS, ...
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Is there an dropbox alternative with public folder using predictable URL

Im looking for a file sharing service where if you share a folder, the files will have a predicable url For example in dropbox if you make a folder and add two files. If you create a link the url for ...
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Web application to receive anonymous pdf submissions from students

On an online exam, the teacher likes to receive the students' submissions (pdf document) anonymously without knowing their emails and names. In that case, I tried making a Google form that will ...
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iPad app for filesharing that doesn't stop uploads after iPad gets auto-locked

I'm trying to upload a large file from my iPad (iPadOS 13) to make it accessible to my computer, which runs Windows 7 SP1 x64 Ultimate. I cannot disable auto-lock on my iPad (iPadOS 13) (the maximum ...
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Cloud options for file sharing - focusing on multiple "folders/campaigns/programs" on multiple files

For a small engineering effort. I am looking for a file sharing service that will do the following well: share entire folders of files well. be easy to allow other non member parties to get their ...
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Tools for sharing apk and ipa files in a company

I am looking for (free or not) tools for sharing mobile apps (i.e. runnable programs for Android and iOS) produced by my company so that any authorized stakeholders can access these files and search ...
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Is there a online folder service that allows to keep a normal folder structure so JS, HTML and CSS files can find each other like a locale folder

I am sorry if this question is hard to understand, not sure how to phrase it. We have developed many JavaScript games that run on PhaserJS and currently we have them run locally on the website in an ...
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Open source self-hosted enterprise chat server with Active Directory integration, video/audio chat, file sharing

We are considering an enterprise chat app for our company. However, we have significant presence in China and Indonesia. Local regulations of these countries require personnel data of these companies ...
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