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Use when seeking an app which converts data files from one format to another. E.g., for images, converting between .BMP, .JPG and .PNG

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Software for conversion from e3, e2, .d to Step or other Solidworks formats

In our company we need to convert old files which were developed with think 3D in Solidworks file format. The solution seems to be the think design conversion but it requires the licence acquisition. ...
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Epub to PDF converter, Offline

Almost every app I see is using cloud/server to convert epub to pdf. Is there an offline app that does the conversion locally? If not, what's the reason they do it on the server? I'm not looking for ...
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Open source application for converting img to iso and vice versa for Windows 10

I want an open-source program that converts images with .img extension to .iso extension. The last thing I want to do is download a large 5gb .img and empty my mobile data and then end up unable use ...
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Animated WebP decoder for Java

I am looking for a good Java library that can decode animated WebP imgaes to PNG files for each frame. I have come across libraries such as JMagick, webp-imageio, and JDeli, but these libraries are ...
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Recommendations for A Good Free Software/Website to convert pdf to EPUB

I find that when I convert a pdf file with a significant amount of text to EPUB format (for eg books), they get broken into paragraphs in between words of the same sentence.I have used - Calibre, ...
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VBA in Excel vs Access for data conversion

We are upgrading our enterprise software and part of that effort I have to perform sales order (data) conversion from legacy to new software. I have moderate experience with macros/VBA in excel and I ...
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Fastest way to batch/mass convert PDFs to searchable text? (thousands)

I was wondering if anyone has any software recommendations to mass OCR about 1000 PDF files. It could be; converting to text, to word Doc or making the PDF searchable. I just need an efficient way to ...
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Formatter tool to be called during a Mercurial commit from IntelliJ

When saving changes from the IntelliJ IDE into the Mercurial version control system, I suppose it makes sense to reformat the source code files being submitted for consistency so irrelevant white-...
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Generate ETL for many (173) delimited database files

I get a zip of 173 database files, in a delimited format, each day. We call this extract DbUnload. The company that sends me this file, won't adjust the file spec or give me notification of any ...
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Tool for importing Maple worksheet into Mathematica

I used to use Maple (version 13 I think) and stored calculations in Maple Worksheets (*.mw files). I do not have access to Maple anymore but can use Mathematica (version 10.1) instead. I would like ...
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Convert PDF text as image to MOBI

I have a few public domain PDFs which someone has simply scanned and the converted the .JPEG to .PDF. Which gratis app can convert them to .MOBI, retaining as much formatting as possible (btw, it ...
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