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Local/self hosted facial recognition software similar to PimEyes

I have tens of thousands of photos in a directory on my computer. I'm looking for facial recognition software similar to PimEyes. Requirements: I want be able to input or upload a face (jpg, png, etc)...
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Where to find a Python facial landmark detection library that is trained on a dataset with commercial use permissions?

I am looking for some Python library (or open-source project) that detects facial landmarks in real-time from a webcam, similarly to how dlib 68 point facial landmark detector works. Ideally, free but ...
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Most accurate face recognition and tagging on 40.000 JPGs?

Currently using Adobe Lightroom CC 2019 Classic to organize (tag) 40.000 jpg family photos. However, the built in face-recognition is terrible as it only recognises ~40% of the photos with faces and ...
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Photo management software with facial recognition

I need a photo management software that lets me load a lot of photos or different people, pets, and places and it does smart categorization of them based on facial recognition. Like Google Photos ...
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Extract individual headshots from group photo

I'm looking for a tool that will take a (high-resolution) group photo, locate all the faces automatically and extract them as individual headshots. Is there such a tool? Recognizing faces is pretty ...
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Free desktop photo organizer/manager

I need an app that does the things below: Allow me to organize my photos with smart features like facial recognition. (Adobe Bridges: no; Google Photos: yes) See my gallery on Android devices via ...
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Self-hosted photo management webapp with facial recognition, duplicates elimination

Whenever I think of my piles of photos with multiple duplicates of each, I get a little stressed and put it off for another year. Time to do something about it, and am looking for some software to ...
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Face Recognition and Comparison Software Using Old Photos

Can anyone suggest a free program that will work on Windows 10 allowing me to compare two scanned pictures, one lady photographed in Victorian times with a picture of someone who may have been her (or ...
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Open Source Software to Group images by facial similarity

Is there an open source program that will group pictures based on facial similarity? I know there is a lot of amazing facial recognition software out there like Picasa that can group together multiple ...
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Face recognition software

I am looking for a software that can capture the face, and then lookup through all photos in a folder to compare them with the newly captured one to find similar people. All files are JPEG and I ...
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Real Time facial recognition software that can capture mouth and eyes

I'm looking for a facial recognition software that can capture in real time the eyes and the mouth of a person from a camera input. The idea is to to be able to then crop and put the eyes and mouth on ...
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Any Computer Vision library that can detect and recognize my face?

There are many Image recognition library that can detect alphabets,face or object like OpenCV, EmuguCV, SharpCV... but is there any library that can recognize my face? It would recognize my face from ...
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Java library to detect whether picture is selfie or not

We develop an Android app that allows people to upload pictures to Wikimedia Commons. PROBLEM: Often some funny fellows upload their own selfies, rather than pictures with educational value. So, I ...
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Facial recognition for my proprietary picture tagging?

I tag (and caption) my own pictures myself, locally, on my own machine, in a system of my own design... And then use various APIs (Flickr & Facebook) to use this data to curate my photos. ...
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Image searcher with facial recognition

I have never been impressed with Google's reverse image search and much prefer Ymmv, but I wonder if there is an app (any platform/o.s, preferably gratis) which will take a ...
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