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Software to perform real-time face swap on custom image?

After some googling, I found, but a problem is that the output background isn't from the real camera, but the input image. It is also extremely unstable and ...
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Android blur app, must keep EXIF

I very often need to remove people faces in pictures, and am looking for an Android app to help with this task. Requirements: The app must be available in Android's "Share to" menu for ...
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Searching for Open source employees AI face check software

I have one request from the industry (mining industry), for having one Employee Check In & Out by using the AI face detection methods. So I have googled and found some of ready AI face detection ...
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Fastest way to detect number of faces in an image

I know how to detect number of human faces in an image using dlib and opencv in Python. But I want to do it for a lot of images so I want to do it as fast as possible. Will using any other language (...
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API for liveness check

I'm looking for an API or solution to verify the liveness of an image or a video. E.g. To make sure that whatever the web camera sees, is a live person and not an image or a video on someone's phone, ...
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Windows software to recognize/classify faces in pictures without uploading

My grandmother passed away, I would like to pull her pictures out of my local storage, but I have a massive amount of images from the past 18 years.. Is there a software that can recognize/classify ...
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Most accurate face recognition and tagging on 40.000 JPGs?

Currently using Adobe Lightroom CC 2019 Classic to organize (tag) 40.000 jpg family photos. However, the built in face-recognition is terrible as it only recognises ~40% of the photos with faces and ...
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API to identify people from photos

I am looking for an API that can help me identify a person from a photo and then compare if it's the same or different person in any other photo. It's kind of like how Google Photos or Facebook ...
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Face Recognition using Flutter

I am trying to build an application where one of my modules is to use face recognition to verify the users including some other verification methods as well (which aren't important to discuss here for ...
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What is the best way to use ASM and ACM in face detection

I am trying to make the face expression decision. First of all, I need to detect face from a video. According to my research, I found two different algorithm for face detection. What should I choose ...
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Attendance system to prevent freeloaders from attending my institute

I am part of a mid-sized coaching institute in India, with branches spread across different regions. Typically we have a batch size of 30, and the course length is around 3 months. Recently we have ...
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Library or program for face detection with low false positive rate

I'm looking for a face detection library or standalone program with these criteria: Runs on Linux (I'm on Ubuntu 16.04 if it matters). Has a very low false positive rate (i.e. nearly 100% of the ...
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Open source face swapping Android app

There are many face swap apps, but are there open source ones? Requirements: Open source Takes image from device's camera Must be real time, at least real time preview The most accurate the swap the ...
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Local photo tagging application that will do face recognition

I am looking for a photo management application that will run on Windows 7 and 10. Previously I used Google's Picasa application. It was useful. Then life happened, I got way behind and apparently ...
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Facial recognition software that can perform an internet search by detected patterns

I am looking for facial recognition software able to spider the web, particularly the Darknet, for information related to digital images. For example, that can find patterns of keywords related to ...
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Open-source image organiser with face recognition (alternative to Picasa) with OSX/Linux support

I'm looking for free (ideally open-source) image viewer and organiser which has the following features: Full screen preview of images with basic zoom in/out abilities. Image thumbnail grid view of ...
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Run a command upon face detection

I need to setup a Windows 10 PC with a Webcam to automatically play a video when it detects a person, ideally face detection or motion detection. Are there any Windows apps available that do this or ...
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Face detection from images or webcam feed

I am working on a time login system. And I would really love if there was some face recognition that simply read a file from [folder], determined it's name by another folder with lots of images, and ...
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Libraries for identifying the face structure

I am working on a medical project to identify a syndrome based on the dimensions of face as a whole, eye, nose and mouth. Just to make it clear, I am not looking for facial recognition (to input a ...
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Face recognition software (and SDK)

I've been looking for a software (that has a SDK avaliable) to recognize faces from a camera and from a image. It doesn't matter if it is paid or not. So far, I came up with these: Luxand FaceSDK ...
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FLOSS tools for facial recognition?

There seem to be good GUI tools to enable facial recognition with FLOSS, they all fall short of my requirements. And while there seem to be a lot of research projects with open code, they seem to be ...
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