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Alternative to notion app

How good is the notion as compared to Evernote? Is there any other good alternative for note-taking
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Evernote with custom properties. Notion with full offline support

I need a desktop RDBMS to conveniently manage a bundle of rich text notes -- CRUD, adding tags, search inside notes, backups, etc. In a way, I need a light, abridged, desktop only version of Evernote ...
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Is there an application that allows to search across Evernote, Todoist, Google Keep, Twitter

I extensively use web applications for organizing my thoughts and notes, some of those go to Evernote, some go to Todois, some are left in Google Drive, something is on Twitter. I wonder if there an ...
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Export files with folder structure in Evernote

Is there a way we can export files from Evernote, in the same folder/notebook/stack structure. For eg: I have a Notebook "QUERIES" and multiple stacks (STACK1...etc.) inside it. Each stack will have ...
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Downloader for Evernote data

I have a lot of pages stored in Evernote. I'd like to be able to download them for offline non-Evernote backup (as HTML pages). Is there a software that would let me do that? Platform: Windows. ...
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