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Health & Fitness Data Aggregator

I would like to be able to collect my health and fitness data from multiple sources. I would then like to standardize the format of the data using some standard (OpenmHealth?). Once transformed that ...
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Data integration or ETL tool with API as destination

I am looking for a simple data integration or ETL tool to integrate data (e.g. as CSV) into our platform. There are many ETL tools (like Fivetran, Hevo, Talend, Airbyte, etc.) but they are very ...
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Open source ETL tool with python integration

I'm looking for an open source ETL-Tool for creating data pipelines, but I'm cannot really find the right one. Mainly I want to use it for data transfers/aggregation between different databases (SQL-...
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Recommendations for tooling to extract scripts using table hierarchy

I am looking for a tool or open-source library which can use table dependencies to create insert scripts for PostgreSQL database. I am working on specific requirements to clone data related to a ...
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Looking for an ELT tool to extract data from Woocommerce (Orders, Products, etc...)

why is it so difficult to find a proper tool that helps with the data extraction from Woocommerce. I am looking for something like to be able to automate the data extraction from our ...
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