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Questions tagged [erp]

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2 answers

Open source ERP with very flexible shipping module

We're searching for a software that can help with quoting and shipping: Shipping via: Air, Sea-Freight, Air-Pallets, Sea-Pallets, DHL Calculating Shipping prices based on: Volume or Weight (depending ...
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Open source ERP system in PHP with POS/HR/payroll/construction/education

Problem: I have given a plan to manage/develop an ERP System of an organization. Our systems run on Ubuntu. Please help me to choose an erp system for startup and then obviously it is required custom ...
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Which is the best open source ERP to implement, modify, adapt, and extend the functionalities of the MRP for a manufacturing company?

I am looking for an open source ERP that has the MRP module mature enough to take it as a base and adapt it if necessary, be it from configuration to code modifications assigned to the development ...
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recommendation for erp/dms using sql-server-express?

I am searching for recommendations for a ERP/DMS/CMS type platform which runs on or alongside SQL-server express. The ERP/DMS will be an extension to invoicing/accounting software - which runs on SQL-...
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Recommendation for a tax calculation and filing system?

Right now my company uses Avalara to perform the functions of tax calculation, tax filing, tax exempt certificate management, and address validation. However, we want to end our contract with Avalara ...
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Open-Source billing software for grocery shop with hardware support

My friend has owned grocery shop and he wanted to computerize his business he has estimate of hardwares : Barcode printer TSC 244 Pro. Honeywell 5145 barcode scanner. So is there Open-Source ...
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