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software working with Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD).

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Reverse-engineer PostgreSQL query into diagram

Is there a tool that can show a diagram of tables involved for a PostgreSQL query? Must support: WITH syntax Subqueries Joins Lateral joins Nice to have: Columns involved Recursive expand ...
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Crow's Foot Diagrams on Windows

I've been using Visio to create Crow's Foot Diagrams. What are other good Windows 10 alternatives to create such diagrams?
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How to recreate the MySQL's Workbench EER Diagram to an Angular Application

Hi I'm trying to recreate MySQL Workbench EER Diagram in Angular application. I am using Angular 7. I need to show the relationship between tables and also in column wise. I've searched and found some ...
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ERD generator from plain text

I need to generate a pretty complex entity-relationship diagram, where visual design tools will not be convenient. I have many entities, some of which with up to 200 attributes. So it would be easier ...
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Free Database ERD Creator

I am looking for a free option that I can use to design my databases. The following features are a must: Needs to be free or under $100 Able to generate SQL statements to generate the completed ...
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Flexible Open Source ERP System/Framework that works on top a Graph Database?

As the title suggests, I am looking for an open source, graph-based ERP system that is "as flexible/customizable as it gets". Basically, I need to be able to implement my own data structure (ie. ...
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What App is used to create the following diagram

I am reading this repository in GitHub. I liked the design of the diagram used in that repo, Please tell me which tool is used to create this ...
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Database Entity Diagrams from Existing Database, but then add relationships for documentation only

is there a tool that I can diagram out the relations in a database by drag dropping lines to columns but without actually creating foreign keys? the diagrammer in sql managament studio ssms would be ...
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(Social) network diagram

I'm looking for a tool that will allow me to make what I would call a 'social network diagram', but which likely has some proper name that I don't know of. The 'social' part may not be relevant as ...
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Tool for drawing diagrams

I am looking for a tool for drawing diagrams (sets diagrams, relations, etc) where the objects inside are high level objects like book, car, house, etc (looking like icons, or emoticons); rather than ...
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Free program to generate ER diagram for exisiting SQLite Database

I have a SQLite database that I have created. In order to document it, I hope to create an ER diagram. Is there a free tool out there that will import the database and spit out an er diagram? Any ...
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Mobile Data Model Diagrams (ERD)

I want to be able to create and edit ERD whenever I want. Requirements Platform Android Must be simple (e.g. Quick and Easy Data Model Diagrams (ERD)) Only being able to "draw" the Diagram, don't ...
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Quick and Easy Data Model Diagrams (ERD)

When I'm doing documentation, I frequently want to build a small ERD by hand to demonstrate a couple of relationships that are associated with the current topic. I can do it in Visio, and frequently ...
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Free cross-database editing software

Is there a free software that allows to edit database ER diagrams and export for different SQL database systems (e.g. MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.)?
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