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3 answers

Open source ERP for a small/medium e-commerce site

I am looking around for which would be the best ERP solution for my company that is preferably open source, I looked around a few like: OpenERP (Now Odoo) but they don't seem very well maintained, I ...
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3 answers

Private social network suitable for companies inner culture development

My company is growing and it's becoming: difficult to remember all the names and personal features difficult to find out who among the employees in the entire company or specific team have certain ...
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1 answer

CMS for medium-sized enterprise websites

I'm searching for a "CMS" that would meet those requirements: free, possibly affordable (should handle 30.000-40.000 pageviews per day) should run on Linux should give the end-user (our internal ...
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Intranet solution (enterprise portal) with trophies/achievements functionality? [closed]

Our company, a call center enterprise, is considering implementing a corporative intranet (enterprise portal). Not talking about all the basics functionalities a intranet must have, I am thinking of ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Looking for ERP or CRM software for web design / marketing agency

I'm looking for some business software to make my life a bit easier. I run a small but growing web design / marketing firm in Connecticut. One of the biggest problems I'm facing is that now my data is ...
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Customer payment portal

I am looking for something free for commercial use, preferably PHP, but I will accept anything. It should allow users to register, and to purchase services which my software provides. User should, ...
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0 answers

Platform for creating unattended/automated training programs for new technology?

I am looking for a platform that will allow me to create training programs for large numbers of developers and testers that need to train their staff in using new technology. Both OpenSource or ...
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HIPAA compliant project management for research groups

We are a 501c3 developing strategies for implementing social genomic medicine in clinics in several countries. We have several work groups each developing their own projects for their clinics which ...
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