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Software to read/write/manage emails (client-side), or to process them (server-side).

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7 answers

Free newsletter software for a small business?

I am looking for free software that has the following features: Send mass mails Organize subscription lists Use HTML (with or without templates) Analytics Schedule e-mails For instance, MailChimp is ...
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Online IMAP client with Gmail support?

I swear I tried looking everywhere and I can't find anything like this. I am trying to find an online webmail app, which would let me connect several accounts and check them in one place - pretty much ...
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50 votes
6 answers

Calendar application for Linux that plays well with Outlook and Exchange and works offline

I work with people who use Outlook and Exchange as their calendar platform. I need a calendar application that is compatible with this usage: it must connect to the Exchange server and retrieve and ...
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17 votes
3 answers

Email client that allows arbitrary sender adresses

I am looking for an email client that allows me to specify an arbitrary sender adress each time I send a message without explicitly creating a new identity. Especially when I hit reply to, it should ...
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2 answers

Client for reading several big mailing lists

I’m using Thunderbird for all my emails. I want to keep using it for regular emails, but I’d like to use a different tool for reading mailing lists. I’ll save almost all mailing list mails, so it ...
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Manage answering support emails at a small business

I’m running a business together with two partners. Everyone of us may answer emails sent to the general support email address. But our current workflow is not optimal. Our current workflow Everyone ...
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2 answers

MBox Viewer for large files

I retrieved a backup of my email account with Google takeout. The back up a Gmail account is a .mbox. As a result, I'm looking for a program that would: be able to view a large .mbox, i.e. larger ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Email client to handle gigabytes of mail efficiently

I have a habit of never deleting an old mail (which proved useful many times over the years), I keep a busy digital life, and I am involved in many Web projects which involve receiving lots of email. ...
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1 answer

E-mail client with focus on managing multiple accounts

I am seeking, for Windows 7, an e-mail client that allows the user to painlessly use many e-mail addresses (possibly from different domains). I have seen a couple similar questions, but I have a few ...
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Self-hosted mass-mail sending software

Is there a good self-hosted newsletter application in PHP, Node.js, Python or Ruby? Desired features: Import subscribers with CSV Export subscribers to CSV Batch sending Multiple newsletter ...
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Email list/group without the need to make an account

I'm looking for a simple email list/group (online service) that I can just add people's email addresses too, and then those people can mail to one list email address to reach all. This is what Google ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Browser extension for OpenPGP encryption and decryption of an e-mail in Hotmail

It has just been revealed that Microsoft has sniffed blogger's Hotmail account to trace leak. The article says: Legally, Microsoft appears to be protected by its privacy policies. The policy for ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Are there any alternatives/wrappers to Postfix that work out-of-the-box?

I need to set up a mail server + web interface and absolutely dread the thought of manually installing Postfix. Are there any (preferably open source) solutions like that are self-hosted ...
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2 votes
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Roundcube plugin for notes

I'm looking for a plugin to the Roundcube web mailer that allows to take "arbitrary notes", and stores them either into the user's IMAP account (specific folder, preferred) or the (MySQL) database. I ...
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Email client to send unmodified HTML emails

Looking for a (free) email client that will allow me to quickly send HTML emails without modifying the code at all. The company I work for uses a marketing service that allows me to do this, but the ...
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Email signature creator

I'm looking for signature generator for Outlook. We have 20+ users, each average have 3 email addresses. I need something that allows me to create and edit signatures (already I'm doing this by ...
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3 answers

Is there any tool which can help me to import my .msg files into PDF format?

I have approximately 1500 .msg files in my system, but now I'm not using Outlook as my email client and want to convert all .msg files into PDF format, because PDF is very easy to use and I can access ...
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1 vote
3 answers

IMAP Email backup to .eml files named by date - time- subject - sender to local folders that match IMAP folders

I'm looking for a software that will backup email, to local disk, as .eml files and place them in local folders on the disk that correspond to their folders, hierarchically, in the IMAP account. I ...
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Online RSS feed generator with REST API to publish new emails

I want an online service that will manage a feed for me from scratch. That means Create the feed Update the feed with some REST API (and email would be awesome!) Publish the feed for clients ...
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