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Looking for a solution that allows company wide, rules based, attachment download for Office 365 emails

We are looking to transition from on premise Exchange to Office 365. We are looking to find an application that can replace a utility that we have in place. MapiLabs Attachment Save for Exchange. This ...
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Library to parse and display e-mails (from files in a maildir directory, to build my own e-mail client)

I'd like to build an e-mail client. I'm interested in building the GUI (folders, list of e-mails, account setup, …) but I don't want to deal with parsing MIME e-mails and displaying HTML e-mails ...
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Any Hey-like email apps that are open source or otherwise available or in the works?

Hey App provides a pretty interesting email solution. Nearly every function in Hey appears to be doable with software on top of IMAP and SMTP. Are there any such similar apps that are available or in ...
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Email-Inbox automation

I'm currently faced with the problem to automate an e-mail-inbox in my company. I face the following problem. We get several reports as PDFs in that inbox per day that contain a couple of ...
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Reading PST file in ASP.Net or Javascript to get list of all emails and attachments

I have an application that allows user to upload any file type that they want (pretty similar to google drive). Although, in case of .PST files, I don't want to upload the whole PST file. Instead I ...
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Batch attachment extractor add-on for Thunderbird

I'm a little surprised this isn't a more commonly needed feature: I'd like to remove attachments from my old emails in Thunderbird. I used to use AttachmentExtractor, which saved a lot of remote and ...
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Database recommendation for distributed email archive with attachments

I'm looking for a database engine that will be used as e-mail storage solution Each record will represent email with all typical fields: sender recipient cc/bcc subject body text only version of ...
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Recommendation to share outgoing email attachments via Sharepoint on Office 365?

We are facing the common problem that our colleagues need to distribute large files < 25 MB. They used Outlook for that. It's not optimal, but it got the job done in 99 out of 100 cases. Now with ...
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Download all attachments from an IMAP folder

I have an IMAP folder somewhere containing thousands of attached files. How to download all of these attachments? A program focused on this task is preferred, not a human-facing email reading/...
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