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Is there any software which could display webpages using custom URLs and it could be work on top of other applications?

I'm currently grappling with a challenge outlined in the title and would appreciate your recommendations. To provide some context, I've developed a hobby project related to Formula 1, which serves as ...
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JavaFX or ElectronJs for Desktop application using Bluetooth

I need to develop a desktop app that communicates with a smartphone to send data through Bluetooth (from the smartphone to the desktop and vice versa). I'm fluent in Java and learning JavaScript ...
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Should I use an Angular front end with a .Net backend, distributed as a desktop app via Electron?

I'm attempting to make a CRM from scratch, and so far have settled on using Angular as a front end, using EntityFramework to handle my CRUD operations and call my stored procedures. However, I've hit ...
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Package and distribute back-end code such that a user could launch that locally

Our company has a web SaaS solution for company clients. Data of company clients need to be sent back and forth between browser of the users and our server. Some clients hesitate to send their data to ...
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Which frameworks for Python web application?

I have some Python script and want to visualize what’s happening using a GUI. It should be cross-platform. I know there are a lot of different Python GUI interfaces (like PyQT) that are also cross ...
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Electron JS Visual Designer

I am developing a cross-platform app using the Electron framework from and was wondering if there is such a thing as a visual designer for Electron app development. Just like how Visual ...
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WYSIWYG editor (á la Android Studio, Qt Designer, ...) for building Electron apps?

I'm flirting with using Electron for building desktop apps in the future. Has anyone encountered a tool for building Electron apps work similar to Android Studio or Qt Designer, in that you don't have ...
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