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Edit image metadata in a table

I need to edit the metadata (eg title, tags) of several images. I can do that one by one in the explorer properties but that takes time. In the tools I know (file and image managers) you can see these ...
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Program to make the textfile to be lowercase

Goal: I have a big text (txt) file that is about 70 mb. I need to make the whole content to be lowercase. Program: Do you know any solution / program that is enable to make the whole content to be ...
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Library for editing PDF files on an object level with .NET

I have several use cases for editing metadata of PDF documents programmatically.The idea is for example to remove the author and the producer of a PDF document. The idea is to leave everything else in ...
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App to upload or edit IMAP messages

Is there a modern Windows software like IMAPSize, an open source (formerly freeware) program, that can modify or at least upload IMAP messages? While IMAPSize still works, being abandonedware it ...
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