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Enterprise Content Management system: a tool suite to manage documents and information about an organization

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Performance testing tool which supports OpenText Enterprise Information Management Application

We have a requirement for conducting performance test on OpenText EIM ( Content Server). What are the proven performance testing tools for testing OpentText EIM application? Objectives: Tool should ...
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Simple ECM solution

I work in a society which uses Apache 2.4.9 server on CentOS 6.5. I'm looking for a very simple ECM (enterprise content manager) for some people who only needs to organize files with rights ...
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Is there a document management system that keeps track of child/forked documents?

We have a core document, say, a series of standards, that, based on that, we create solution guides, promotional materials, or other supporting documents. The idea is that every time you change that ...
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Content / software tool distribution system

To begin with, the software which is searched for can be of any scope, ranging from a commercial tool over an open source project, which have to be adapted, to a framework/library as support for an in-...
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OneDrive API to CMIS library

I am looking for a software library that would take Office365's legacy OneDrive API and offer access via the modern CMIS API on top of it instead. That would allow standard CMIS clients to access ...
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Looking for a scale-able full featured ECM or Collaboration Suite

I am looking for an ECM (Enterprise Content Management) or Collaboration suite (tend to be used synonymously) solution to manage the following: Scalable: Start with 10 users, scale up to 1000+. ...
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