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Requests for software to read, create, or edit eBooks should use this tag.

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Retagging/Renaming software for ebooks

I'm basically looking for something like mp3tag but for ebooks - I have most of the baen free library downloaded, but its designed to be read off the cd, rather than copied onto ebooks, the files have ...
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16 votes
3 answers

Linux alternative to Adobe Digital editions

I want to download a free eBook from the eLibrary of my university. It only opens in Adobe Digital editions which is only available to Mac and Windows. It's a .acsm file. Is there any native Linux ...
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5 votes
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Cross-platform ebook collection

I am searching for a native windows application for book management. The following items are required: Compatibility Must support PD and MOBI as the base, plus any additional Be able to auto-...
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Book library application

I need a library application for iOS capable to: sync book files with my PC (Windows) search and list files by authors, names, custom tags view files using a book reader app (or support viewing ...
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Ebook Management Programs for Windows 8/8.1

I am looking for recommendations for a ebook applications that runs on Windows 8/8.1 . I have many textbooks and other books in pdf format, so preferably one that is easy to maneuver with these files. ...
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Automatic conversion of sequence of webpages to pdf [duplicate]

It happens a lot that I want to send a sequence of HTML pages from a website, all together in a unique file so that I can read it in my e-reader. For instance this online resource can be converted to ...
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