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Questions tagged [drm]

Digital rights management (DRM) is a term referring to various access control technologies that are used to restrict the usage of proprietary software, hardware, or content.

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Software to encrypt videos to a format viewable in browsers on Mac, Windows 10, iOS 12, and Android

Using a PHP library that relies on ffmpeg, I was able to encrypt a bunch of videos (mostly mp4 but not all) to HLS m3u8 playlists of encrypted fragments. Using, my ...
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AnyDVD/RedFox Alternative - Decryptor not Ripper software

I loved AnyDVD because it wasn't a big program designed for "All in one" ripping. It just removed encryption so you can use any program to copy movie. It is no longer working with the latest BluRay ...
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Is there a free DRM solution for mp4 files?

[Context] I'm developing a software for a company which main field is distance learning. This software must ultimately be distributed to many different schools, where students will use it to - among ...
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Software to allow people to read my PDF but not print nor copy it (free alternative to Artistscope Copysafe PDF Protector)

I need software to encrypt my PDF file so it can not be printed and copied. I already found software that can do this, such as Copysafe PDF Protector from Artistscope. But the problem is I can not ...
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General purpose DRM software

I have studied the existing DRM (Digital Rights Management) products on the market and all I have found was related to books, images, audio or video content. I need to protect 3D models with DRM. ...
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2 answers

Converting a ADE document (Adobe Digital Editions, acsm) to PDF

I have downloaded a book from Google Play. The book is a .acsm, which actually isn't the book itself but just a purchase ticket that allows me to download the book on Adobe's servers. I installed ...
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