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Questions tagged [download-manager]

Use this tag for recommendations related to download managers and accelerators.

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Downloading multiple files with low bandwidth

What software is there for downloading (over HTTP) multiple files with unreliable slow internet connection? It should be able to keep tracks of several pending downloads and resume them upon request, ...
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Download manager allowing to set the name of the output files - for Windows

I need a download manager with graphical interface that can download batches of files, but I need it to be able to give certain names to the output files for example I want to download a batch of 1000 ...
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A software for downloading an online book

Is there some kind of software that would allow me to download this online book and/or convert it to pdf? Of course I could save each page ...
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Remote Download Manager with Browser Plugin support

I am looking for a way to direct typical download file on a web browser to a remote server without having to keep the local computer on. I did come across certain browser plugins that allows me to do ...
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Download manager that can cope with disconnects (Ubuntu 16.04)

I have a dodgy internet connection that frequently disconnects. The disconnections are usually only for a short period of time, say about 10-30 seconds. When the disconnection happens, Chrome and ...
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Webpage archiver using http-requests/responses replay

I'm looking for a Webpage Archiver that depends on archiving a webpage by recording http requests and responses and just replaying them when the webpage archive is previewed/loaded by the user. It's ...
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Tool for downloading URL files/images into an archive or directory

I need a simple tool for downloading lots of URLs I took from my uploaded images and output them in a directory or archive. I've separated each URL in lines into a text, in the https://i....
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automatically download pdf from email link

I get some emails with a download link to a pdf file from a website. When i get the email with the link i need to automatic download the file. Is there some software for it? It is a pop3 mail ...
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Utilities for firewalled downloads

I am looking for a linux utility that downloads a file and set a firewall that restricts all connection to only the server that is transferring the file. I would set it in bash if it doesn't really ...
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Tool for downloading music playlists

There are several freely available music APIs listed here: I'm looking for a tool for Linux or Windows that can take as an input, the name/link of a playlist ...
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Download all images from URL

I am searching a software to download all images from a given URL with subpages. Means if i have a primary domain named and this testdomain has the following subpages ...
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Website grabber with support for resuming the download

I want a perfect website grabbing software, which should run on Windows 8 32 bit. I need to grab a website gradually. I mean grabbing 5 or 10 pages daily. But it needs to start where I left yesterday....
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