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Linux Download TV Shows as soon as they are posted

This article, describes software for Mac and Windows to download TV shows as soon as they are posted. I tried popcorn time, but it doesn't have the episodes I want and I cannot choose what torrent ...
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Remote Download Manager on Windows

I need a download manager that supports remote control like uTorrent client on Windows 8. I have a PC running Windows 8 at home and I want to add download links when I am at work remotely onto my ...
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1 answer

Software to download silverlight videos in windows

Is there any tool to download silverlight videos in windows? I would like following features if possible Freeware / Open Source Browser Support is not problem but I would like to be able to disable ...
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1 answer

Software to download x seconds of a video from an HTTP server?

How to download x seconds of a video hosted on an HTTP server? There is an HTTP video and I want to download x seconds of it. How to do it? Requirements: Use less ...
5 votes
2 answers

Download Client with Resume Ability

I use Linux (Fedora, to be specific), and I have a huge problem where my ISP drops my Internet connection for a few seconds if I use bandwidth for too long (like downloading something). This will stop ...
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Freeware software to download YouTube videos from web proxy services

I use web sites like to view YouTube videos, as YouTube is blocked in my university. Can someone recommend softwares to download videos from YouTube? Something like IDM. Requirements:...
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Download Manager for URLs in Windows [closed]

I have searched 'everywhere' for this... When I start a Google Chrome download, and if I want to pause the download and turn off my computer, the download fails. I need a software that would let me ...
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Program to download all the videos I uploaded to Vimeo

I'm looking for a program that can: download all the videos I uploaded to Vimeo at once (i.e. I don't want to download videos one by one) Bonus point if: is free works on Windows 7 (but can be ...
2 votes
1 answer

Allvideodownloader replacement

I downloaded Allvideodownloader for Ubuntu 13.10, and it was the perfect YouTube downloader. It converted the videos for me so I could play them on my iPod classic, and even did MP3, all in one place. ...
8 votes
2 answers

YouTube downloader for Ubuntu

I'm looking for a software similar to YTD. I want the following features: Runs natively on Ubuntu 13.10 64 bit Free (not necessarily open source) Pause and resume Download multiple videos at once ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Download Manager/Accelerator for Debian/Ubuntu

I'm looking for a download manager that has the following characteristics: Must support multiple downloads at the same time Resume support Multipart support Integration with Chrome/ium and Firefox (...
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Software to download YouTube videos to hard drive

I'm looking for software that would let me download YouTube videos as video files to the hard drive. Don't care much about format being saved as long as Windows VLC can play it out of the box. I'm ...
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