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Add dark OR light watermark automatically, based on background

Whenever I export photos I add in a small watermark on the edge of the photo. I usually add in a white watermark which is slightly transparent. However, Some photos are entirely white in that edge, ...
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PDF viewer/editor with support for digital signatures that is free

Can anyone recommend a Windows PDF editor/viewer with support for digital signatures that is free? It doesn't have to be any good at editing, just allow signatures without having to pay for a ...
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2 answers

Watermarking videos in batch

I need video editing software for Windows that can process up to 10 videos in batch. I just need to add watermarks to several videos (8-10). I need a software where I can add a bunch of video files,...
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Watermark large areas in a video based on color masking

Consider this watermarked image: I've done this in Photoshop by superimposing the watermark (diagonal repeated text) onto the blue sky area of the image (with the help of Magic Wand tool). What ...
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Free Software for removing watermark from PDF

I use Trisquel GNU/Linux 7.0 (based on Ubuntu 14.04). I am looking for Free Software for removing watermark from PDF. We know that PDF may contain image or text as watermark, I'm more concerned about ...
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Utility for displaying watermark on Windows screens

I want to find utility capable of displaying image as transparent watermark on all screens connected to Windows machine. Basically I need it to work like watermark in Windows "pirate edition", staying ...
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Software that provides easy FFT, DCT and or DWT to watermark images

Is there a software package online that provides easy FFT, DCT, and/or DWT to watermark images? Even more specifically, JPG images. It should feature either batch file processing capabilities, or a ...
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2 answers

Batch-add watermarks with unique text for each picture

I have over 500 pictures that I need to watermark with text that will be different for every image. For example, if I have a picture of a building I want to watermark the name or address of this ...
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6 votes
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Robust and invisible video watermarking software / library

I am doing a research project in search of a robust and invisible video watermarking software / library (preferably in Linux / C++). It needs to meet the following requirements: Robust - that is the ...
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2 answers

Software that put watermark in background of PDF

I need a software for PDF books that I have on my computer to make me able to: Put my name in the background of each page of my PDF books Put an image of my choice in background Image and writing be ...
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Windows free program for batch watermarking files

I'm publishing albums of photos on my blog and Facebook and I'd like to add watermarks to them. I've found tutorials for programs such as Gimp, but they require long manually applying procedure for ...
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