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Visually analyze fragmentation of HDD

Is there a program that would visually show me how fragmented my HDD is? I have two reasons to ask for such a program: I want to see how bad my hard disk needs defragmentation, or if or when, it ...
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Defrag tool for Windows that will move all files to beginning of the partition?

Sometimes Windows partitions wind up with movable files/folders at the end of the partition, even when the partition is mostly empty. This makes it impossible to shrink the partition using Windows' ...
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Does anyone know of a defrag program that can group files by folder?

I have tried a few defrag programs, but I have never found one that allows the user to group files together by directory/folder. I ask this because I have an Excel program that gets all my mp3 files ...
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Free RAM Optimizer (Booster) for Windows

Sometimes I feel my PC is slow because I have runed some programs and probably fragmentation of the RAM. I need a software for windows which is Free Realtime Monitoring (Low memory and CPU usage)
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Is there a disk defragmenter that can be asked to use one or more external drives (e.g. a 32GB USB key) to optimize defragmentation?

When defragmenting a nearly full partition, it seems that the algorithm has to perform extra work finding a space for files it's moving out (to make space for a larger file to lay contiguously). I was ...
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