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Software which allows users to enter data into a database or document for later use.

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Is there any software which makes my Data entry as well as error correction jobs easier?

Actually, I just need a software solution for my new startup company. Its a data entry company and I just want to convert hand written font characters to Times New Roman italics and so on. It must ...
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MSExcel/spreadsheet data entry vs traditional form data entry

I don't know if anyone here has a job that involves heavy data entry. I hope to get some opinions, or suggestions to something new. My company has a private database which stores various kind of ...
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Enter data automatically into a web pages

I have a job to enter data into web pages everyday at specific times, these data are not fixed so is there a software I configure or program to enter the data for me automatically each day ? The data ...
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Managing Data Entry from PDF in the cloud

What we're stuck with Ideally, an inventory system should have features to manage entering new orders. However, we are married to an Old Legacy Online Inventory Management system (OLOIM) that does not ...
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Track keyboard entries for matching strings

Is there a software that can alert when immediately when I have keyed a specific number on my keyboard. See I work in a data entry environment and I have a series of reference numbers that are ...
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Voice-driven data entry for Windows

Background I often do surveys and quizzes which use mostly multiple choice answers. I can end up with hundreds of these papers, each with 20-40 answers which need to be entered into some system so I ...
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