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Alerts software when exchange rates spikes or dips

I'm looking for an application/website that can send me alerts (email or SMS) when exchange rates spike by some percentage. For example I want to receive an alert when the rate between DKK and EUR ...
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Android app to convert from multiple currencies to one

I am looking for an Android application which can convert from multiple currencies to one. Every currency converter/calculator I've checked on Play Store is doing exactly opposite what I want. Do you ...
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Tracking shared expenses

Say two people go on holiday and want to equally contribute to the costs e.g. food, car rental, accommodation etc. They do not have any joint credit cards, therefore they decide to pay for stuff ...
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Currency converter that works with a single form field

I’ve used Google Search for converting currencies, but this is no longer an option as it (since some time) requires JavaScript for displaying the result (without JS, the result is visible only for a ...
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Crypto-Currency price API with price listed in USD?

I am working on an app that will display the current price of crypto-currencies in a similar fashion to the stock app in iOS 8. The app is written in Swift. I am looking for an API that will allow me ...
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Open source Android currency converter

I want to convert money values from a currency to another, for instance EUR to USD. Requirements: Run on Android Open source (imperative) Usable offline (exchange rates get updated from time to time,...
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Time-aware tool or website for currency conversion

I would like to know, say, what 1$ on January 1st, 2010 is worth in today's €. I'm no economist, but that probably means: Applying "the" $-€ conversion rate that was in place on that day, obtaining ...
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