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Simple html to pdf conversion commandline tool for automated file creation

I have a system that automatically creates and saves documents as html. For further storage they ought to be pdfs though. I want to avoid having to do it manually so my preferred solution would be a ...
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HTML5 to HTML3 Converter

Is there any way to convert HTML5 code to HTML3 code instantly? Like an online convertor or something like this. I need this Tool for an important project and I was thinking that such a Tool should ...
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Use Raspberry Pi as Ethernet-to-HDMI converter

My laptop (running on Windows 11) has a HDMI port which is used to extend my desktop with a screen (as you would). I have another screen lying around and I would like to make it a third screen for my ...
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Python library for image to font conversion

I am looking for a library that allows me to convert images into fonts. I am not looking for Optical Character Recognition software.
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GUI app for converting floating point to binary

Is there any desktop app for ubuntu that do floating point conversion to binary? I've tried gnome calculator and I can't find the feature even in programming mode. The closest I've found is this page. ...
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Bulk converting JPEG and MP4 into HEIC

is there a way to batch/bulk convert JPEG and MP4 files to HEIF/HEIC? There are a lot of tools to convert in the other direction one by one. I want to convert all files on a Windows system. Thank you.
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Is there such a thing as a "PostgreSQL-SQL-to-OtherDB-SQL" converter in PHP or at all?

I use PostgreSQL exclusively. I have no plans to ever change this. However, I recognize that other people are not me, and they instead use MySQL, MS SQL, IBM SQL, SQLite SQL, Oracle SQL and ManyOthers ...
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Singlish to Sinhala converting API

I want to convert Singlish text to Sinhala in my webpage. Therefore I'm looking for a good API for it. I found one it is but it converts some Singlish text ...
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Cuda to OpenCL conversion

Is there a tool or a lib or something that is capable of taking a Cuda file and convert it to OpenCL? It would be beneficial that it produces OpenCL code or code based on Opencl like SYCL. Or should ...
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A tool to convert Python into human readable Go code which still needs manual tuning

Is there a library/tool to convert python code into readable go code which needs manual adjustment after conversion. What I am looking for is a library/tool which can do partial semi-automatic ...
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Command line or PHP tool to convert a .txt file to a PDF on Windows

Ever since I first learned about PDF in the early 2000s, I've been searching on and off for software to automate the conversion of various documents formats to such a .pdf file. I've tried numerous "...
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Convert JPG files to video

from a trail camera we have many JPG files, that was shot in every 5 mins about a construction. We have Ubuntu + Win10 desktops. What should we use to convert the JPG files to different FPS videos?...
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GROBID-like software for segmenting / TEI conversion of documents other than PDF

GROBID is excellent software for recognizing various human-level objects in scientific papers (converting PDF into XML containing entities like table of contents, authors, titles, sections, chapters, ...
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