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Questions tagged [contract-manager]

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1 vote
0 answers

Keeping track of contracts, subscriptions and the likes

We are an architecture office of 12 people. I've been tasked with finding a tool that lets us keep track of contracts, software subscriptions, and other contracts such as lease, cleaning. We have ...
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2 answers

Open source alternative to Docusign?

When I Google "Alternative to Docisign" then lots pop up, but none of them are open source. If I Google "open source legal contract" then pops up, but I ...
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1 vote
1 answer

What are the contract management software solutions that are affordable, secure, scalable, and also simple? US Origin preferred

Contract management is becoming a headache while remote working. It was tough earlier too but remote working made it almost impossible. we need a software solution that is light, at the same time very ...
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0 answers

Contract management with customizable HTML export

I'm looking for a contract management tool that allows customizable HTML export. In addition to your typical contract management features, we'd like to be able to write a set of rules for a specific ...
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3 answers

Contract Management

I'd like to track various contracts (at work). There are service contracts for CNC machines, maintenance contracts from software vendors as well as various other contracts in purchasing and HR. I ...
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