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Questions tagged [connection-speed]

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Is there any way to disable the autobuffering and/or automatic loading of YouTube videos whenever I load a page?

I've checked all the YouTube and Chrome settings but there isn't any option available to disable flash player. Also, I've tried an add-on (Chrome) named Flashcontrol but it too is inefficient for this ...
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0 answers

Which software to put two wifi connection together? (Linux)

I've two Wi-Fi adapters: Built in adapter - Quallcom Atheros. It is connected to router1 and gives approximately 350 kb/s. External adapter - Ralink. It is connected to router2 and gives ...
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Is there any web portal which shows upload speed while uploading files?

I want to upload some files. I can use we transfer or drop box but the problem is all these web portal do not show upload speed. Is there any cloud storage where I can upload files and it also shows ...
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Is there any software which can distribute the internet speed to the programs according to their priority order?

So, if first (assigned) process gets the internet speed first and after it's demand is over/fulfilled the remaining speed goes to second process and so on?
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Software to quickly determine the causes of breaks Internet connection or bad internet connection

1. Summary I often occur breaks Internet connection or bad Internet connection. I don't find program, which would help fast determine the cause of breaks Internet connection. 2. Expected behavior I ...
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