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for software that allows users to publish comments on websites. For forums, use the tag [forum] instead.

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Free comment system

I have built an app and want to implement a comment service. Now my app is very simple and has no data storage server so I cant have those comment saved on my end. What I want is a free chat service ...
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Is there a way to display user comments on a intranet webpage and load it again when logged in?

I have a requirement where I need to maintain a sheet: I want users to log in into the intranet hosted web page(no login creds required, just a basic form page), where they add their comments and the ...
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Externally external commenting system

The external commenting system, such as Disqus, is embedded in the website that installs it, but I do not want to embed anything. I want the visitor to click on a link which leads to the system (...
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Standalone page for anonymous comment thread

I'm looking for a website where I can get a private sharable link like which is a page with just a comment thread, where people can anonymously add comments and replies. So ...
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