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Software to be used from the command-line or in shell scripts.

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CLI Based Backup Solution

I can make a simple script that performs most of what I require, but I'd like to see if there is a solution already created out to accomplish what I desire. Essentially, at present, there is a ...
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See CPU use history as a graph in a Linux shell

I am looking for a free program that can display the CPU use history as a graph in a Linux shell, as bmon (sudo apt-get install -y bmon) can do network use per network interface. or like Microsoft ...
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Command line tool on Ubuntu Server to see disk IO stats?

I have a server running Ubuntu Server 12.04, and I'd like to see disk IO stats. I've tried top and htop, and neither of them output anything resembling IO stats. Is there a command line tool that does ...
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SSH implementation for cmd.exe

Is there an SSH2 implementation that will run in the Win32 console (i.e. cmd.exe)? As far as I know (correct me if I'm wrong) I know of the following SSH implementations: PuTTY - Doesn't run in the ...
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Command-line tool for lossless JPEG compression and optimization for Ubuntu

I am looking for a command line lossless JPEG compression tool which will have the following functionality: be a command line tool with no GUI interface I can provide list of folders (where my ...
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Command line file explorer/manager that displays the folder size

I am looking for a command line file explorer/manager that displays the folder size. I am aware of GNU Midnight Commander, Last File Manager and vifm but none of them display the folder sizes (edit as ...
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Linux command line song Identification software

Requirements Linux Command line based Interpenetrated song recognition (matching a song like shazam does not bit for bit) Returns metadata about the song like artist and album Like to have ...
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Improved watch: run command repeatedly, showing differences in output

There is a watch command that runs a program every N seconds, showing you the most-recent output and optionally highlighting characters that have been changed. I'm often using it's --diff mode to see ...
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A software to read xml in command line interface

I'm looking for a command line xml viewer under Linux. What I'm seeking : easy navigation for both classical page up/down as well as through the tree and attribute structures ability to switch ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Automatically remove white borders from pdfs, no OCR, command line

(similar question exists, is explicitly for another platform and doesn't mention that no OCR is needed) I need a command line tool (or a PDF viewer which supports this as a display option) which can ...
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MIDI to music sheet converter for Linux

I am looking for a software that converts MIDI files into music notation. I want the following features: Should work on Linux Should be able to run in terminal Should be able to save the music sheet ...
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2 answers

Very simple macro expanding command line program in Linux and Windows

I am trying to create a workflow in which a single Markdown source document will spit HTML and LaTex friendly Markdown files. Since my content editor uses PC I need him to work on source document but ...
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Is there a (command line) tool to calculate percentage change between two files of the same format full of numbers?

Is there a (command line) tool to calculate percentage change between two files of the same format full of numbers? Example: File A: 100 100 File B: 150 70 Invocation: $ calc_perc_change A B +50% -...
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Command-line SSH/SCP client command for windows (not cygwin)

I'm looking for a very basic OpenSSH client for Windows. It should be 100% command-line so that I may run it from Console2. The only stipulation is that it should not be Cygwin-based. If possible, I ...
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Sync an entire drive between two Windows 10 computers on demand, without going to the cloud

I want to sync an entire drive's worth of files between my two Windows 10 computers, a desktop and a laptop. I want to be able to do so when I choose, i.e. by running a command from the command line. ...
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Record Multitrack Audio on Linux Without Dropping Samples

On a Banana Pi Pro (spinoff of an older Raspberry Pi, with an Allwinner A20 SoC and tons of on-chip peripherals), I used arecord to capture each mic individually during a live sound gig: #!/bin/sh ...
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