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COBOL (the COmmon Business Oriented Language) is one of the old languages running many legacy systems.

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Free tools to convert COBOL source code to VB6/VB.Net/C#/Java?

I have requirement to convert one of my COBOL project source code to any of the following languages VB6/VB.Net/C#. So I searched for a free(open source) tool to convert the source code from COBOL to ...
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How do I get started learning COBOL and which compiler should I use?

I'm interested in learning COBOL, but I'm absolutely lost, the only learning resource seems to be from IBM but their compiler is paid and seems to be more towards mainframes and z/OS, and the only ...
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Cobol to SAS migration

I am looking for a tool which will convert Cobol code (Procedure division) logic into SAS. Cobol code is used for Banking (CC division) and it is almost 140K lines of code. Thanks.
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Cobol testing framework for gnu cobol on x86_64 machine?

I am aware of some existing cobol testing frameworks but, non of those are suitable for my case, what i looking for is: testing framework for gnu cobol on x86_64 machine readable and understandable ...
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Simple in-process key-value store, usable in distributed proprietary programs

Currently GnuCOBOL uses Berkeley DB for INDEXED SEQUENTIAL file access (essentially a persistent key-value store). However, versions after 1.85 (which is buggy) have copyleft licenses that prohibit ...
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