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Installanywhere for linux distributions

I need to know whether the Installanywhere software is available free for linux distributions. I was able to find windows installable versions from internet, but couldn't find for linux. Can someone ...
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Tool to monitor the health / performance and statistics of our Elasticsearch, logstash, spark and kafka a installed on the Server

Server Information: Server OS : CentOS 7.8 Installed Applications: A) SPARK (v2.4.3_2.11) B) KAFKA (v2.3.0_2.11) C) ELASTICEARCH (6.x) D) LOGSTASH (6.x) Problem Statement: What ...
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Supervision for backups (scripts) on Centos

I manage about 40 servers with Centos 7 remotely. Each one has a backup script (in bash) which copies files to the NAS. After the backup everyday it sends a mail to me if it is successful or not. ...
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Screen capture program that would have the option of capturing a predefined fixed region in Linux [Redhat/Centos]?

I am trying to find a screen capture utility that could offer the above option in Centos 7. In the old days of Windows, I used to have a small utility called MWSnap that was perfect for this task. ...
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serverless chat client that works across subnets?

I'm looking for a Linux (CentOS 7) based chat application that I can use to simply send chat messages directly to an IP address (on a machine that's running the same client). I want to avoid ...
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Looking for HTTPS (single-target) relay proxy

At $DAYJOB, we produce several devices (1), both embedded Linux devices and regular servers running specialized software on Red Hat or CentOS Linux. These devices monitor specialized data networks, ...
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File Storage Synchronization Local Service

I want to install a Local Service on my Network like: Google Drive/OneDrive, etc for File Storage and Synchronization . I have Windows 7/10, macOS, CentOS 6/7 and I want the client for this tool/...
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Malware and Antivirus scanner for web servers (free alternative to ISPProtect)

In short what ispprotect does: "ISPProtect is a Malware and Antivirus scanner for web servers. It contains a signature based scan engine and a heuristic scan engine to detect Malware in websites, ...
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Alternative to dokku for RPM based linux

I have found this project that emulates Heroku hosting on local PC - dokku. Is there any analogs of it for RPM based linux distributions? UPD: this is my company requirements for this mini-PaaS: it ...
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Ftp/sftp server with user rights admin GUI

I'm looking for FTP/sFTP server for our web content maintainers to upload web content. I need ftps/sFTP support plus web interface for a user to grant rights to co-workers to update some folders under ...
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Gratis alternative to MailSuite Pro for linux

I'm looking for an alternative to AfterLogic's MailSuite Pro for Linux application. This application is exactly what I looking for with the one exception of not being gratis. I'm looking for a mail ...
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