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Software to catalogue private physical book library

I intend to start cataloguing my private library (approx. 200-300 books) as long as it is still relatively small; what I don't want is to end up with a proprietary file or database format that ties me ...
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Need documentation for MSSQL catalog views (sys.object etc)

The catalog views are horrible to work with, probably in part from lack of documentation. Is there any good quality comnprehensive docs/books for all or some of these
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Software to catalog and extract metadata from pictures and mp3 and mount the catalog as a drive

I use a Synology NAS to store all my photos and music, and I'm looking for a solution to manage all those files in a consistent way and be able to find them easily and share them with other people. ...
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Bulk scan of family photo album

Looking for a piece of software that would help digitising a family album of many hundreds of photos. Requirements are as few manual work as possible. Mostly what I want is for software to crop photos ...
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Open-source command line application to catalog the files of external hard-drives

I'm looking for a maintained open-source application to catalog the files of many external harddrives from the command line. The app should run on macOS and maybe on Linux too. I am thinking of the ...
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Photo markup software for old photos

I would like markup people on old photos. Just draw rectangles and specify who is it. May be also with database. The very important requirement is using open and eternal standards. Since it is old ...
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A good solution for cataloguing photos

I am looking for a web-based solution for cataloguing photos. By web-based I mean something that I can install on my own web server, LAMP open-source solution would be best. Cloud-based services are ...
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Personal library-catalog-like software for keeping track of physical media

I have a rather large number of CD's, DVD/s and other physical media around the house and I was wondering if there is any software that performs a similar function to grocy, an app that allows you to ...
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Simple data catalog solutions for desktop

I need a simple data catalog to manage some datasets and to visualize metadata about them (descriptive statistics, variables’ description, …). Datasets are CSV files in several folders and some tables ...
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One application for curating my bird videos?

I have a trail camera pointed at some birdfeeders on my apartment's balcony. I leave it running most of the time and have about 1000x 80 MB .avi files. Obviously some are great but most are boring or ...
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Software for cataloging software?

As it stand searching on Google for recursive keyword like that is hard, so I ask here. I understand this can be done in excel, but I believe something like this is typical and has been done by IT ...
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General-purpose database GUI software for cataloging

I recall coming across an open-source, user-oriented (local) database software which allows generic use of a database engine (SQLite if I recall correctly), it would be perticularly nice for ...
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Online product/photos management software with tagging

Long story short, I have spent some time looking for a management/cataloging software but it feels like I'm looking at wrong categories. I had a look at different PIM (Product Information Management) ...
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"Inventory" and cataloging of non-moveable goods in company

We are currently in the process of cataloging our furniture and equipment and would need a program to enter everything we find. Somehow similar to an inventory, BUT most inventory software I found ...
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App to give to the sales rep as catalog, supporting local videos?

We are looking for an Android app that we can give to our salespeople as a catalog of our products. Basically, it should allow to configure a list of products and associate photos and/or videos to ...
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Digital asset management for Photography

Introduction Currently using Apple Aperture. Need a replacement. I've been thinking a lot about photo management. I now avoid the word 'DAM' as it increasingly refers to industrial sized ...
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