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CAM = Computer Aided Manufacturing. Do not confuse with [camera] or [webcam].

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Straightforwardly convert dxf to gcode from command-line?

I have a CAD-produced dxf file containing the design of a 2d part to be cut using CNC. I'm looking for a software that can do the in-between CAM step of converting that dxf to gcode. I see something ...
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Read CAD files in C++ program

I am currently looking for a library which allows me to read CAD files. The type of the file does not matter (.STL, .DWG, etc). The goal is to extract the maximum height, widht and depth of the object....
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iOS app for CNC Feeds & Speeds, compatible with Shapeoko

I've been using GWizard Trial on my desktop, but the CNC is out in my garage. Would be great to have an app that did the same - i'm willing to pay. There are too many to choose from on the app store,...
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CAM application to generate G-Code

I rarely have access to a CNC milling cutter. Such milling cutters can process G-Code. That G-Code again, is produced by CAM (computer aided manufacturing) tools. I hardly know something about those ...
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