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CAD (Computer Aided Design) is the process of designing a (physical) product by instructions to a software. Its use is amplified by hardware (CNC machines or 3D printers) that can interpret the CAD files and create the product from it.

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2 answers

CAD modeller with support for interactive events

I am new to CAD. However, I am interested in implementing some interactive geometric algorithms in 3d using CAD software. There seem to be many good open-source options available online e.g. OpenJSCAD,...
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Three.js versus Babylon.js for CAD webapp

We're developing a CAD webapp. Our webapp will be for drawing buildings and their components (walls, trusses, etc.). Two prominent 3D libraries are Three.js and Babylon.js. What are the pros and cons ...
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Linux software for simulating electric circuits

I'm looking for Linux software to simulate electric circuits. Basically software which I can give a circuit and ask it for currents, voltages, graphs and so... I'm using OrCAD on a windows virtual ...
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Creating anamorphic typography in CAD program

For my current project I´m trying to create anamorphic typography on 3D objects. The program most be able to project an image, in my case typography, to the surface of objects. My husband showed me ...
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Is there any good software to convert (multilayer) DXF to shapefile?

I need to import architecture DWG's (AutoCAD files) into qGIS. However, QGIS imports all layers in the DXF into the same layer in QGIS. I need to create separate shapefiles for every DWG/DXF layer. ...
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PCB design software alternative to Upverter?

I use Upverter for my printed circuit board (PCB) designs, but I'm looking for an alternative: I need autorouting (Upverter does not have that) Should be able to collaborate with others Support both ...
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Is there a physics / modeling software that will let you build and test... a flying machine?

Yes I know this question may be ridicously naive, but I'll just give it a shot. I was wondering if there is any software out there that could help you develop and test a flying machine, in a similar ...
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Free or low cost multilayer PCB design software

I am trying to find a free/low cost PCB design software that I can use for my projects (PCB = Printed Circuit Board; some prefer PWB, Printed Wiring Board). It needs to be able to support at least 8 ...
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A C++ NURBS library with boolean operations that is not OpenCASCADE

I'm working on SolveSpace, a parametric CAD. I'm looking for something to replace its builtin NURBS library, which has become a limiting aspect for many improvements. It must: Not be OpenCASCADE; Be ...
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What software should I use to design an audio circuit?

I'm looking for a simulator that will enable me to listen to the output, and ideally run on Linux and / or OSX. A front end for visually laying out components would be excellent too, but is not ...
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1 answer

Creating Blueprints for Robocraft

Robocraft is a "build, drive, fight" game where the players engage in online battles in order to gain Robo Points (RP) and Tech Points (TP) to further advance their robotic vehicles. With Tech Points, ...
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0 answers

CAD software for Meccano models building and simulation [closed]

I have just started with Meccano multi-model kit for learning about machines. I want to know if there is any CAD software available for designing and simulating these models on computer? I will ...
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0 answers

Convert point cloud raw data into Solid Edge or Solid Works 3D models

We are looking for software that will convert point cloud raw data (from Faro scanners, for example) into a model that is compatible with Solid Edge or Solid Works, identifying planes (faces) etc.
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1 answer

Visual graph editor with background image and export to code

I need to draw graphs on top of floor plans to mark rooms and pathways and then export them to code (XML? JSON? Better in a database?) so I can turn the nodes and edges into properly connected Java ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Parametric Mechanism Design Software

There are softwares like Solidworks and Inventor in which we can design mechanisms but we provide exact numerical values for the links. Is their any software in which we can provide some variables/...
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1 answer

CAD-System API without UI

Is there a CAD-System, which has an API and allows to use the API without the GUI (just using the Core). The CAD-System API should be able to: load multiple 3d-models change parameters of loaded ...
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Simple Truss Modeling Software

I've a project in my university to create a bridge truss of straws, I am looking for a modeling software that can help me imagine my design's effectiveness (a software that's able to calculate the ...
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What program as an replacement of metriCAD for pre-measurement of construction works reading .dwg CAD files?

What program would you recommend as an replacement of metriCAD? The program should read .dwg files (CAD files) and run on 32 bit computer. It should also run on Unix-based system like Ubuntu, Linux ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Free software for Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID)

Piping and instrumentation diagrams are important documents in many engineering tasks. Is there a free or even open source program geared to this? Where a proper P&ID software differs from a ...
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Finite Element Software: cyclic-symmetric problems including gyroscopic terms

Do you know of a Finite Element Software (commercial like Ansys or preferably open source like CalculiX) that is able to compute gyroscopic terms for cyclic-symmetric structures ? Most FE-softwares ...
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Software for electrodynamics and electrostatics simulation?

In the past I have been working with Matlab to do simulations of electro-statics and electro-dynamics. More specifically solving the Maxwell equations for given structures and setups. I am now looking ...
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4 answers

3d parametric/constraint modeling for Linux (Ubuntu)

I'm looking for a 3d modeling toolkit for Ubuntu Linux to replace Autodesk Inventor, which I had been running on an old Windows box. As I am working on projects with others that use Inventor, ...
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7 votes
5 answers

2D / 3D CAD design and simulation software for OSX?

What options are available for Mac to design 2D and 3D CAD drawings? Preferably open-source or freeware but not a requirement of the question. SolidWorks seems to be the most popular for Windows ...
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3D Model Browser viewer

I am in need of a good model viewer for our site. I need a way to show models of teeth, and have the ability to turn off different layers such as the Enamel, Dentin, and just show the nerve/blood ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Open source alternatives to commercial finite element softwares

I'm looking for Open Source alternatives to commercial Finite Element softwares such as Ansys or Nastran/Patran. Some features that I would like to have: Mesh generator after importing a geometry ...
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0 answers

Software to simulate mechanics of production line

Is there any software where I can simulate production line elements (joints, motors, springs, actuators, movement)? For example I want to simulate mechanism to unwind paper from big roll to weld it ...
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Program to make measurements on images (ex. maps) and list them

I'm looking for a program (preferably open source/free) that would allow me to import images and take measurements. I want to measure a lot of points and generate reports of the total length of all ...
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Web App for architectural plan upload and measure

I've got a planimetry of my house and a warehouse on paper. I would like to scan them in JPEG, import them on my pc and measure them. I'm looking for a website (web-app) where I can upload those tiff,...
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Software to print image from procedural script?

It is surprisingly hard to search for and find a piece of software that handles a very specific need... I am making a sort of slide rule that fits in a watch face, and I need a program where I could ...
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3 answers

Software for simulating electrical circuits

I am looking for a program, preferably for windows, that can simulate electrical circuits. I have found Yenka, but I can only get a license after business-hours. I want this program in order to ...
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Windows software to easily arrange models when designing a computer case?

I'm an enthusiast with friends that can manufacture single pieces of CNC cut and milled metal, and I cannot find a perfect computer case for my needs. My friends can't find ones for them, either, and ...
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2 answers

Open source CAD for 2D drafting

I do a lot of drafting using AutoCAD 2000 LT on Windows XP, but I need to upgrade to a newer operating system (Windows 8). Unfortunately, AC2000 won't work. So, I am looking for a new free (no money)...
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Free CAM/CAD for personal manufacturing?

What free software is currently most popular in amateur maker communities for designing 3D objects intended for manufacture using 3D printers or CNC milling machines? Something similar to SolidWorks (...
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