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Business Card reading Software/Hardware?

So im looking for either a hardware or software solution for a business card reader, which needs to integrate into some custom software. I've done a bit of research and it seems like it comes down to: ...
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Customisable business network

Who can suggest a business network software that helps in connecting two types of users in specific sector, for example vendors and sellers of specific product or service, I don't need cart based ...
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Looking for an application to map business ecosystems

I'm looking for an application or sowftware to map business ecosystem. A part of the definition from Wikipedia : [Business ecosystem is] an economic community supported by a foundation of ...
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JavaScript library for OCR

My product manager just asked me for at OCR text recognition operation to be used with the hybrid application i've been developing. I have been looking at tesseract, Ocrad, and some other alternatives,...
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Design business card App

Do you know an App to do this? I read Microsoft Publisher software is not available for Mac. This program has nice templates, just what I was looking for.
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Android Open Source Business Card Reader

What open source business card reader applications are available for Android? I would like to be able to snap a picture of the card or scan it and import it into my contacts/address book. I would ...
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Business card storage/search for Android, works offline

I need to store business cards and find them later by search. Requirements: Take picture (sometimes two-sides) Save picture at appropriate resolution/compression (kilobytes rather than megabytes) ...
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Business card reader for iPhone/Android

Every time I meet someone new in the working world, he/she will pass me their business card and I will always misplaced it. (I am sure this happens to many others, too) I have tried looking for ...
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