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Berryboot equivalent for a x86 system

Berryboot is a pretty neat pre-boot environment that lets you install one of several pre-selected images to your raspi. It uses VNC for picking your boot options. So basically what I need is A ...
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What are alternatives to Windows Boot Manager?

For windows multiboot, I find Windows Boot Manager is quite restricitve, even more so after GPT-UEFI booting that it doesn't even show my ubuntu partition and EasyBCD says UEFI settings of windows is ...
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Easy util for formatting hard drive with GPT and grub2?

Is there a util to easily format an empty hard drive (or convert an existing set of partitions) so the drive afterwards has: GPT partitions, and... is grub2 ready, and... can still boot "legacy" OS ...
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Find Installed OS on Hard Drive

About three years ago I had a dual boot laptop. One day, it wouldn't boot at all, not either OS. I found a shareware program that looked for the OS's installed on the hard drive and let you run the ...
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What is the most reliable and robust boot manager that autodetects available operating systems currently available (commercial or open source)?

I've been struggling with some servers that have what appear to be less than optimal UEFI implementations for booting operating systems other than Windows Server. It struggles when booting Linux ...
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