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Automatic, bootable drive wiper

I'm looking for a bootable tool that erases all data on all hdds in a computer that does not need any interaction whatsoever. On my work, we now and then get quite a few, old, crappy PCs that are for ...
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Tool to create bootable FreeBSD USB flash drives

I am looking for a tool that can make a FreeBSD bootable USB flash drive. Unfortunately YUMI doesn't have this option. I prefer a free sofware working in Windows, but Linux and paid solution can ...
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Make .ISO of bootable thumbdrive in Windows

I'm looking for a free App that can make .ISO images of any partition, not just optical drives... Current intention is to make copies of recovery thumbdrives to be stored on a NAS on Windows.
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multiple bootable iso on usb flash drive

I have a 128gb usb flash drive on which I want to put bootable ISOs. Windows 7, 8, 10 install discs and also partedmagic live ISO I'd like to have a menu from which to choose which ISO image I want ...
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ransomware removal bootable rescue CD / USB

My friend's computer with Windows OS is infected by ransomware and I am going to make a bootable CD/USB to remove the ransomware . I found two programs, but non of them are up-to-date: https://...
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Hiren's BootCD replacement

Please suggest replacement software for Hiren's BootCD. It doen't detect my SATA hard drive as it is connected via AHCI and I can't change it in BIOS. The tools I used from HBCD (order from the most ...
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mac os 12.0.1: create a bootable windows 7 USB for old laptop

I need to install windows 7 on an old laptop and my only working pc is a mac (OS 12.0.1) right now, so I need to create a bootable USB from the mac for the pc with the .iso file of a windows7. I ...
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Flashing Mac OS 8 (1997) to bootable flash drive?

I would like to create a bootable flash drive with an old version of Mac OS, such as Mac OS 8, just to explore it. What software can I use to flash the OS onto the flash drive?
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Alternatives to YUMI

Could anybody suggest an alternative to YUMI? I have an entire folder dedicated to Linux distros and fix-it tools, so what I'm trying to do is find a different menu so that I can boot several ...
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Create a Windows 8.1 Portable USB Drive that's bootable on a Mac

I am seeking a tool to create a bootable Windows 8.1 Portable USB Drive (similar to the Ubuntu live usb), that also functions on a mac (meaning it should contain the necessary drivers) My problem is ...
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Drive cloning tool that works with different sized drives

So I want to create a number of bootable USB drives configured exactly based on one that I have already configured. I understand the best way to do this would be via drive cloning so that the new ...
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Suggestions for data recovery software that is bootable and works at sector level

One of my hard disks is failing and I need to recover some data from it (mostly photos). It's not the boot disk, which is an SSD. But as long as the failing hdd is connected, the system hangs on boot (...
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What is the most reliable and robust boot manager that autodetects available operating systems currently available (commercial or open source)?

I've been struggling with some servers that have what appear to be less than optimal UEFI implementations for booting operating systems other than Windows Server. It struggles when booting Linux ...
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Software for Linux OS to create any type of bootable usb drive

I need a software like Rufus, but for Linux (I didn't find any software like this, I don't know how to install Rufus on Linux Ubuntu) to create any type of bootable flash drive then install whatsoever ...
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