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Firmware for a PC's CPU

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I am looking for an antivirus software which can scan the BIOS/UEFI image ROM

Is there a antivirus software which can scan the BIOS/UEFI image ROM? Most antivirus programs can only scan the files on disk. It should run on Linux, Windows or an USB boot stick.
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What is the most reliable and robust boot manager that autodetects available operating systems currently available (commercial or open source)?

I've been struggling with some servers that have what appear to be less than optimal UEFI implementations for booting operating systems other than Windows Server. It struggles when booting Linux ...
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Software for linux to reboot to USB

I have and old computer with Wary puppy installed and want to install Linux mint instead. My BIOS does not support booting to USB so I was wondering if there was any software that allows you to reboot ...
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Disabling hyperthreading

From my understanding disabling hyperthreading can only be done at the BIOS-level, and some BIOSes don't have the option to disable hyperthreading. Is there any repository of patched BIOSes with the ...
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