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Is there an extension for Visual Studio Code that formats .bat files?

I've been looking around to format/prettify .bat files in Visual Studio Code but it seems none of the extensions that I found in Marketplace are able to do that. Am I missing something when I'm ...
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Viewer for multiple batch scripts

I have 12 batch (.bat) scripts which have to automatically start when Windows boots. Most of them are endless-running. To accomplish that, I added a bat file in shell:startup, which looks like this ...
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Remove the password on several RAR files at once

I have several RAR files with the same password. I am looking for a gratis program that can remove the password on all these RAR files at once. I use Windows 10. In WinRAR, I can use: Tools > ...
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(Bulk) Search and replace within photos

I could need a tool that can search and replaces pieces of a photo (bitmap; pixel graphics). All image editors I know have the ability to draw, clone or otherwise modify an image, but I don't know ...
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GUI for editing multiple JSON files

I am looking to edit JSON files in bulk / batch. I know I can do this programmatically, or do find/replaces across files, but I am hoping to find a friendlier GUI that allows me to do things across a ...
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Is there a free Windows bulk JPEG background remover?

I would like to find an unlimited free desktop or web-based tool that can input or upload a folder of JPEG images and remove the backgrounds, creating JPEG output retaining the height/width of the ...
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How to batch extract images from html file

I'm looking for a low/non-programming solution to be able to extract images from a batch list of html files and export them into jpeg files. -text crawler doesn't work to separate out as the names of ...
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Is there a program that can batch rename/replace file names?

I have a whole list of files that I need to update, however the new files all have _judge after them. I've tried using some program called Renamer but every time I remove the _judge in that program it ...
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Image Processing program with Batch and interactive manual editing mode combined

The overall task is to generate images for charaktertokens in Virtual Tabletop Software (Roll20 in my case). I have existing Artwork (mostly Fullbody) for Characters, Monster etc that needs to be ...
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Tool to detect (and delete) empty images?

I've exported a tile layer from qGis using QMetaTiles plugin. It outputs a folder that contains a lot of images (the tiles). But most of those images are blank (full transparency, no visual data); and ...
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Program to create and manage session-like 'bundles' of documents and webpages

I am looking for a program to create 'bundles' or groups of documents and webpages, similarly to Windows desktops but without needing to define new desktops. Also similarly to the typical 'save for ...
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Universal file viewer for many files

Looking for an application that can display many files at once of varying file types. Ideally there'd be a stellar grid view of previews so users could quickly scan through them - flagging a few or ...
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Bitsadmin vs. Powershell in downloading

So, recently, I asked a question about downloading a file to a variable. My team previously used powershell to download like this: powershell.exe (new-object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile('https:...
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Software for Windows that is able to truncate files on the fly whilst they are created

I'm doing data recovery and sometimes the found files have an absurd huge size (either because of damages in the file system, bugs in the software or the absense of a trailing signature). Recovered ...
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Software or script to retrieve a list of jpeg files in a remote folder

I need to extract each week a list of files in a remote folder on my internet site. I need to retrieve the url to use those jpeg in an offline application, to load the images random. Also maybe useful ...
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