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for software (e.g., packages) that interacts with the text editor Atom.

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html programming

which program is the best for html programming? i'm starting html programming and don't know which program to use? by search I've found out atom and sublime are two of the popular ones but sublime is ...
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atom package that lets me view opened files

I use a windows machine. Earlier I have used the tree-view-opened-files package to be able to keep track of the files I've opened. This is supposed to show up in the tree view sidebar, but it doesn'...
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Use NeoVim in collaboration with other editors in realtime?

I'm a NeoVim user and would like to be able to collaborate in real time with users of other editors, ala pair programming. I am aware of Floobits which is a proprietary system that includes plugins ...
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What tools do you use in order to easily navigate complex javascript frameworks source code?

How does one quickly jump between different API functions from different files or modules in a modern JavaScript framework? I'm specifically interested in doing this with ReactJS using Atom, but any ...
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Is there a way add auto completion (like QtCreator) and detailed syntax highlighting support for C++ to Atom or Sublime Text?

QtCreator has powerful support for both of these. But it has no plugin for docked terminal like this (Eclipse); And I don't want to use Eclipse because it has a lot of bug and it has more features ...
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Atom g++ compiling package?

I would like to know if there is a g++ compiling package that allows me to compile and run my c++ programs directly in Atom. A GUI tool might be a bless. Also is there a terminal emulator cause I ...
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