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Free product stock management software

I'm searching for an app/software to handle stock (in this case, second-hand clothes). I'm a web developer myself and so I thought of developing something by my own, but as usual, this is something ...
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Hardware asset management and booking system

Requirements We're looking for a hardware asset management and booking system to replace a spreadsheet that's growing in complexity. Critical features We need: Single source database to track all ...
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Free Asset management software

I'm looking for a software that can work on PC (web or installed,doesn't matter) and Android. I need it to record who from my staff has certain assets. These assets are mainly laptops, phones, ...
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Good Asset Management or File Tagging software recommendations?

I have been collecting all kinds of free and paid game assets for years now, everything from sound FX to art to system scripts to tools etc. Problem is it's basically impossible to find anything ...
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Asset Management for Software Components

SAM (Software Asset Management) providers I know (e.g. Blissfully, Zylo, Snow) focus on software used internally in a company (e.g. Slack, Dropbox). I'm looking for a Software / SaaS Asset Management ...
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ISO - helpdesk solution with many integrations

I am in search of the best helpdesk / servicedesk for my company. We create software and hardware solutions for retail and industrial clients. It should have the following features: Create requests ...
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Asset/Inventory management system

My company requires an asset/inventory management system that can manage predominantly IT infrastructure (i.e. switches, routers, IP phones etc...) for 50+ customers. As such, we require that each ...
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Application to keep track of tasks for vehicles?

I am looking for a software to manage tasks (mostly maintenance and inspection) for Forklifts. Like, charge it's battery in case of an electric one or do an inspection on it. So the main points of the ...
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Applications used for game design project tracking?

I have been using a ton of different software to manage my game designs, and at times it is easy to loose track of something important. I was wondering if there is anything that is able to facilitate ...
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Software license generator / manager

I wrote a desktop C++ application (it should run on both linux and windows but I'm targeting Windows for now) and now I want to sell it. I'd like to know if there are software keys (licenses, as in ....
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Asset Management System

I am looking for a system that, preferably, runs "on a cloud instance" such as a paid AWS or other hosted tool that is responsible for asset management. Presently we're running an internally developed ...
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IT Software Asset and Architecture Catalog

I work in an IT department for an medium sized (2,000) organisation and am looking for some help with managing our bespoke and third party applications. I'm looking for a web based SaaS software that ...
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Simple Employee Asset Software

We need software that will let us quickly assign items to users, and see what users have already been assigned. We don't need to track individual items, but, for instance, we need to see that a user ...
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Web-based asset manager

I am looking for an (preferably open source) web based asset manager with the following features: Download and upload files (images/video/audio/documents) Create different categories Create users and ...
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System to control user accounts/emails/etc

I work for a small company that has approximately 25 direct employees plus 200+ salesman/woman that sell our products all around the country. Each one of these will have a personal email, an username ...
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Software for Windows/Office Asset Management

I'm searching for a Windows/Office asset management software, preferably one that can detect products installed on the computers AND manually added licenses (we have some XP licenses which aren't ...
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Tool to Preview Photoshop Brush Set (Windows 7/10)

Is there a tool to preview Photoshop brush sets for Windows 7/10? (.abr files.) Google search gave me a few choices for Mac only.
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Looking for digital asset management tool where assets are tagged and added manually

I have a wide variety of file types (software packages, video tutorials, books, etc...), and many of them, that are stored in an inconvenient manner, e.g.: Many reside in X:\deliverables and cannot ...
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Concurrent licensing software

I am looking for a product that will control 4 licenses so that they can be concurrently distributed to 8 users. One of our depts bought 4 concurrent user licenses only to find out that the company no ...
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Inventory assistant

I'm working with a retail store in desperate need of an inventory tracking solution. Basically, we just need a system that we can scan barcodes in to, and then get a count of how many times that ...
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Operations management software for design and installation team

A client of mine is in the audio/visual/control system integration market, he's looking for a software that he can define business rules like: Needed materials and cost for each job Needed tools and ...
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Android app to log a picture+description, and easily scroll them afterwards

Joe gives me a scarf, Jack gives me a book. A month later, I don't remember who gave what. I am looking for an Android app to keep track of that. I take a picture, I send it to the app, I choose ...
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Efficient IT asset management software

I'm looking for an IT asset management software to store records of (at least) machines and installed applications. It will be used to inventory a large group of Windows workstations and Linux servers....
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