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Looking for software / tool to shuffle alphabets / characters in text file

Looking for software / tool to shuffle alphabets / characters in text file, Requirements: use 1 password to shuffle and de-shuffle correct password will de-shuffle the text file into its original ...
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App or web-app to decode encoded strings (better than CyberChef's "magic")

I often have strings that are encoded with unknown encoding methods that I need to decode. Note that these strings are not encrypted; they are simply encoded. I typically use CyberChef for these ...
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Offline Ascii art editor for Linux

I use Ubuntu 16.04 and do not look for something like Graph_Easy which parses input, instead I look for some offline, free, WYSIWYG software that does tasks like what asciiflow does. For example these ...
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Windows GUI file viewer that only displays printable characters

Please recommend a gratis Windows GUI-based file viewer that only displays printable characters. These are approximately ASCII characters 32-126. Basically, I want to be able open a binary file and ...
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How to send a large hex data file on COM port

I can't find any software that will send a file as hex values (All of them treat individual characters as ASCII). I have tried Eltima and Realterm. Converting hex to ascii is also an issue as there ...
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Linux text-only web browser that renders images in ASCII art

I remember having seen a screenshot of a Linux terminal-only (text) web browser, like links or lynx, but this one was able to render images (in color) using ASCII art. Unfortunately I don't remember ...
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Create ASCII art tables

Create ASCII art tables Required: Merged cells (horizontally, vertically, both) Centering (horizontally, vertically, both) Free as in beer Easy input Nice to have: Arbitrary alignment (...
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PDF annotations in separate file, git mergeable

I am looking for a PDF viewer that allows annotations that are stored in an separate file, ideally in an ASCII format that works well when merged by git. Ideally the viewer works on Android, Linux and ...
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Software to draw shapes in plain text file (ASCII/Unicode)

Sometimes I need to draw simple shapes into plain text documentation file. What application can do this? Last time I've used such an app under MS-DOS :) (It was called Flow or something like that.) ...
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Program to draw ASCII trees

I'm looking for a program that can draw ASCII trees and: has a GUI add/remove/move child/parent nodes easily rename node add labels on the edges automatically place new nodes (i.e. I don't want to ...
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