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Arch Linux is a Linux distribution for computers based on IA-32 and x86-64 architectures. See

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QR code scanner with screenshot support on Linux Desktop?

My demand I often find myself wanting to get the contents of a QR code on a webpage. The ideal workflow I have in mind is as follows: I hit a hotkey, which triggers this application to launch a ...
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Tickable list of wanted packages

I want to be able to graphically un/tick packages to bulk-define if they are installed as dependency or explicitly installed (on already installed packages)
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Is there a simple and small HTTP static resource server in the Linux operating system?

Since the absolute path of HTTP and the absolute path of linux files are essentially different, I want to find a software to act as a temporary HTTP server to assist me in web development. Suppose the ...
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CLI library manager for Linux

I use Arch Linux. I'm looking for something similar to vifm and ncmpcpp to manage my library of books and videos. I like the CLIs with vim bindings. Must have CLI. I don't want a GUI. Customizable ...
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Alternative To Greenshot for Linux( With Exporting Screenshots to a file .Eg Word or docx file

I want to take screenshots of window and want to save it in a doc file(or any format in which I can also write few lines later eg Docx) then again when I take a screenshot the second screenshot should ...
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Software for making video lectures for Linux (switching to online teaching with the COVID-19 pandemic)

In preparation for switching to online teaching with the current COVID-19 pandemic, I would like to be able to create video lectures. Unfortunately, I am not aware of many useful tools for this for my ...
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zsh plugin for fish-like auto suggestions for files and directories in present working directory

Looking for a zsh plugin for giving me suggestions for files and directories in the present working directory just like zsh-autosuggestions plugin provide suggestions by looking at history. Consider ...
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Color calibration tool for Linux

I need to calibrate my laptop screen. But doing this with some picture from the internet in my browser (which I don't trust in terms of colors) and having to fiddle with xrandr settings in the shell ...
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Mathematical visualization in linux with raytracing

I am familiar with this question. I am on Arch linux, and am looking for a software the following features : Ability to plot iso and parametric surfaces. live preview Ability to export in pov-ray ...
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Searching for Linux Distro by certain criteria

I've used google, even filtering by adding (this doesn't give many results -- [no linked distros :-(][1] [1]:
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A lightweight, native music player for Linux which integrates with Google Play

I'm looking for native music clients for Linux which support integration with Google Play Music. Currently, I'm using the open-source Electron app GPMDP, which is nice, but Electron apps are fairly ...
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GUI-based file search utility, (with Arch Linux package)

On other Linuxes, I use Search Monkey. Now the company tells me to use Arch Linux, which has no Search Monkey package. I'd build from source, but there was no makefile and no instructions in the ...
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